Welcome to Titanium SDK Forum

  • Welcome to Titanium SDK Forum - Dedicated to Mobile Application Developers !

  • Titanium SDK is a free Mobile Cross-Platform IOS & Android Development Kit.

  • Here you will find resources you may need or can choose to showcase your own work.

  • Ask for help from real experts.

Finallly everything you need to getting started on Mobile application development !

Titanium Home can be found here https://tidev.io/

And it is opensource : GitHub - tidev/titanium_mobile: 🚀 Native iOS and Android Apps with JavaScript

Getting started : https://fromzerotoapp.com/

If you like it think to sponsor the dev team : Sponsor @tidev on GitHub Sponsors · GitHub

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Hello, let’s test it :slight_smile:

Hum, it needs contents, posts, threads, to finely tuned everythings

Hello there!!! Testing… Testing… 1, 2, 3…

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Very well, let’s test this new forum! :muscle:

console.log("Hello world!");
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