WebRTC for Android

I’ve started a Hyperloop WebRTC test some years ago and stopped at some point. Since @mbender is creating an iOS version I thought it might be good to have an Android version too :slight_smile:

Will use this thread to post some progress.

Currently I have the camera view and I see the ICE infos.


will clean up the code and create a repo for it soon. Have to read a bit more how to establish the connection and create a local server to connect to.


And I can connect to a socket_io server now and submit a message! Next step should be catching that message and start a connection :crossed_fingers:

Do you think that with @mbender you will works together and provide a common js interface ?

At the moment everything is hard-coded and I have a init() and a connect() :smiley: So I think we can match properties at the end. At first I have to see how I can establish a connection to see the other video

yes, we well align that… but will take a little time…