Titanum builds eat more and more HDD drive space

It seems that build of modules (and maybe applications) never clean space used :

Is there a build option or an automatic process to take care of that ?

wow, thats alot! Never seen those files before. Isn’t that temp folder cleaned up by windows from time to time?
On the other hand if there is a way to remove that file after the build process it would be great! Not sure what is in that folder since it looks very big for just a module build.

Not sure, I usually delete these files by hand, they don’t seems required anymore after build

Since you are familiar with the build scripts now:

is the place where the folder is created and used.

It’s using nodejs temp. That has

temp.track();  // Automatically track and cleanup files at exit` 

You can try it with that or use temp.cleanupSync() at the end.

Oh, and I’ve just checked it here again: it’s using /tmp on Linux that is cleaned at every restart and one folder is just 196,6 KiB so that’s why it wasn’t an issue here :slight_smile:

Yes, I will make a patch, because there may be tens of Titanium developers on Windows who wondering why their hard drive is full :slight_smile: