Ti.waveform - a waveform (amplitude) view

Loads a sound file and displays a wave form view in Titanium (for Android).

Current features:

  • loading local files
  • change the color and width of the bars
  • change the alignment (top, bottom, center) of the bars
  • get an set the position of the current position in the sound file


More infos and download:


Looks good ! I like how it make things easy to look for, note that you may add “sound” as a tag no ?

PS: How did you add the icon on your GitHub Links ?

which icon? The box in the post? I just added the link to the repo

Yes your link have a box and a top-left icon, it looks good.

if you just past a plain github link it will create such a box.

Yes strange, it does not do that for all links.

Note : I move your post to the Module/Android category as you mention is it for Android