LiveView : What modifications does it can handle exactly?

Is there a document explaining what LiveView exactly do ? I mean which modifications are take into account and wich are not ?

I love to be able to change Alloy View in a second without re-deploying, but I am never sure of what I can modify and what I cant ?

So is there an official file list/type that works with LiveView ?

you can go through the repo:

and check yourself. There is a PR for a rewrite using Vite if I remember correctly. That should get some updates soon if everything goes well :smile:

Basically it can send files that don’t need a recompile. Check liveview/fserver.js at master · tidev/liveview · GitHub for some of the watched folders. If it has the new files it will call a restart.

Still not get the reflex of looking on source code :confused:

That does not matter it make forum content :slight_smile: