How to work & build Titanium SDK on IOS without any IOS devices?

But the following, with the same device-id fail :

The error seems to come from the ioslib

But strangely “ti info” display a bunch of simulator :

so near but so far…
I can Create, Compile & Install Titanium applications on my MacOS VM but I cant do that in a single “ti build” command :(.

“ti info” see the simulators but not “ti build”, strange

what happens when you run ti build -p ios -T foo and select “simulator” there?


A lot of

And finally :

Maybe node.js is to recent ?

So I’ve bought an old intel MacbookAir

That what I plan to do later

node 16 is fine. Looks like you have a node_modules folder in your app. Remove that :slight_smile:

install titanium with sudo npm i -g titanium alloy, not in the folder of your app

it removed the error, but simulator command does not work :

I try by hand same result, nothing happen, no error but no simulator start, I may missing something :

Note that I am not completely stuck, I can write a simple shell which will build and deploy the application but I would prefer to understand what happen here.

“xcrun simctl” works to deploy application but the command “simulator” does not

The first command works and open the simulator, the second return without doing anything

Hum… adding open at the start of the line works :

this one open the simulator :

I am sure this is not related to the VM itself, everything run fine, I can compile & run from xcode too, this is a “ti build” problem maybe related to a miss configuration I made or an incompatible version

no sure. I’ve setup my Mac a year ago and never toughed that besides making updates to the OS and Xcode :rofl:

Not at my Mac at the moment. Will post my version tomorrow. If you run with --device-id foo it should show you a list to select the simulator too

dzzd@Mac-de-Bruno TestMac % /Applications/ list
== Device Types ==
iPhone 4s (
iPhone 5 (
iPhone 5s (
iPhone 6 Plus (

I look at the ioslib source code, it use simctl and simctl works just fine :frowning:


[ERROR] Invalid iOS simulator "foo"

What I found starnge is that when I look to the ioslib source code it use “simctl” command but on the trace it show “Simulator”, and I found nowhere in the sourcecode the error neither a reference to “Simulator” just “simctl”

EDIT: oups I found

My Xcode version is 13.4