How to work & build Titanium SDK on IOS without any IOS devices?

only used a hackintosh before to make my iOS builds. But it was always a trail&error path in updating it to the latest osx version. So I’ve bought an old intel MacbookAir at one point and use that now. Not the fastest but its still fine for testing, building and uploading iOS apps to the store.

I wont lie, my idea is to see if I can port TiGL to ios, but I don’t want to spend my life on it.

There are few Java classes and not a lot of works for someone knowing ios dev, it just require to translate Java classes one by one, the global structure & architecture is good.

My idea would be to make the module base (Proxy and base classes : Scene, Entity) and hope someone finish it. Who know, maybe myself if I took pleasure on developping with ios…

I got a brand new… MacOs VM !

Work nearly pretty well on my old computer. as I am going to buy a new one, I think it should do the job for my first steps in XCode

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awesome :+1: 12GB…wouldn’t have enought space on my notebook to use the VM + do the update :rofl:
Need to buy a new machine at some point (XPS 15 2022)

2 hours later ! but that’s finished

A lot more straightforward , fast and easy to understand. With links to all files required.

I finally switch to WMWare, installation was a lot easier and it seems to run a lot smoother than Virtualbox !

First XCode try :

Emulating an IOS device under a Virtual Mac OS make me puzzled

Tadam !

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awesome :+1: Titanium already working, too?

Not yet, next step ! but I was able to create, compile and run an application on IPhone simulator from XCode, so I am sure it will work

Suspense !

Application created

Damn, I am stuck on this :

Even If I have two simulator running with ios 15.5 …


If you have issues with XCode like Unable to find an iOS Simulator check Xcode preferences->locations->Command Line Tools and make sure it is set.

I was able to install my Titanium HelloWorld by command line and it worked, install and run fine :

It is set :

But the following, with the same device-id fail :

The error seems to come from the ioslib

But strangely “ti info” display a bunch of simulator :

so near but so far…
I can Create, Compile & Install Titanium applications on my MacOS VM but I cant do that in a single “ti build” command :(.

“ti info” see the simulators but not “ti build”, strange