Gradle : unexpected element Warning when building Titanium Module or Application


I still got some Warning I would like to understand & revome (building works fine, it does not block anything, I just dont like having warning on building) :

[INFO]  Building app
[INFO]  Emulator is booted
[INFO]  SD card not required, skipping mount check
[INFO]  Emulator ready!
[ERROR] [GRADLE] Warning: �l�ment inattendu (URI : "", local : "base-extension"). Les �l�ments attendus sont <{}codename>,<{}layoutlib>,<{}api-level>
[INFO]  [GRADLE] > Task :app:preBuild UP-TO-DATE
[INFO]  [GRADLE] > Task :app:preDebugBuild UP-TO-DATE

I still only find gradle related issues to that warning. Most of them just ignore that warning and no real explanation why it is. Only this one: kotlin - Warning: unexpected element (uri:"", local:"base-extension") after Android Target SDK was updated to 31.0.0 - Stack Overflow

…The ‘unexpected element’ issue is bothering me for a while. Seems it has to do with the inner ‘repository’ XML files. The ‘sdk-repository’ element shows on line 304 an example. I assume the warning can be ignored…

Here are my installed tools:

perhaps that helps.

Thanks, I will check difference with my configuration. I know warning can be ignored as everything build well but they are just boring me

Could you please show me the “SDK Platforms” tab too ?

not sure what the “partly installed” 7.1.1 stuff is :smiley:

I installed the same component than you and removed the others, and no more warning ! but finally I would not know what it wasn’t just that it is related to Android SDK.

Thanks !

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I got the same problem when I try my first build on my new computer. Finally found where it come from and how to remove it.

The reason comme from a Gradle’s updated.

This require reinstallation of SDK Plateforms & delete/rebuild of application.

To remove the warning :

  • Uninstalled SDK Plateforms>Android SDK Platform XX
  • Delete all files built by the application (build folder, gradle files, …)
  • re-Install SDK Plateforms>Android SDK Platform XX
  • Build application