Font / Subcategory layout

Can we perhaps switch to a non monospace font? Currently it is using RobotoMono.
And can you make the subcategories on the start page display:flex instead of inlinde-flex so they are a bit more visible:


Any idea for the font ? (I find monospace pleasant to read, but that’s very subjective to me)

Note : For now, I got no idea on how to customize css, I just discover Discourse yesterday wich was recommended on TiSlack

I have changed to “Roboto” non-monospace

:+1: looks a lot better.
For code I prefer monospace but for normal text this is better.
If you can set custom css then try

.category-list .subcategories .subcategory {display: flex}

for the subcategory block on the start page. I didn’t realize that they are sub categories, I thought they are just tags so I didn’t click on them. And if you just click on “help” you don’t see them again in that view

Ok, I finally found where the CSS can be overridden

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