Deploy, debug & liveview for Android applications by Network/Wifi

A small tip to deploy on Android device by Network/Wifi.

  • 1 - connect the device by USB (debugging USB allowed)
  • 2 - execute adb -d tcpip 5555 (this launch adb server on the USB connected device)
  • 3 - diconnect the device from USB
  • 4 - connect device via network with : adb connect (assuming this is your phone/device IP on the network)

Note : you can connect multiple devices by repeating the previous steps

Connected devices can be listed with the following command :

C:\AndroidSDK\platform-tools>adb devices
List of devices attached      device      device

Source : How to connect to multiple devices over wifi using adb?

Once done you can deploy to yours devices by Network/Wifi without needing to connect them by USB.

When rebooting your computer you need to relaunch adb connect 192.168.xx.xx obviously it can be put into a script if you configure your Wifi DHCP to always give the same IP to your phones/devices

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