Cloud & Online Android Emulators? (+Genymotion Desktop Emulator)

I am wondering if some of you know or use an online Emulator service ? throught browser preferably

If yes :

  • wich one ? prices ?
  • is it possible to directly deploy on them from Titanium build or script ?
  • does it support liveview ?

Genymotion have a SaaS solution, that works great and easy to use, but for now no idea for the development workflow with Titanium.

Wow it works !!!

I will post a tutorial, it is really simple & straightforward.

EDIT: deployment works fine, but not LiveView :confused: not sure there is a solution

Liveview needs to connect to your machine and I’m sure that those cloud services run on a different machine so “localhost” will be their server and not your machine. So you might need to change the liveview ips to your public ip and open those ports in your router and forward them to your machine.

You must be right but I was thinking everything was done by the tools they provide to enable direct deployment from computer to Cloud

>gmsaas config set android-sdk-path C:\Adroid\SDK
>gmsaas instances adbconnect 3ce07584-ed27-4af9-b6d0-9671f10d748e
>adb devices
List of devices attached
localhost:50818 device   => this is the cloud device

So Genymotion SaaS works well for Android Cloud Emulator, it is even possible to deploy direclty from VSCode build like a real device.

There are still two problems left :

  • the price (0.05$/min), pretty expensive
  • unable to use liveView for now (but I will continu to search)

Question is: why do you want to use a cloud emulator?
The normal included Android emulator is very quick now and it will save the last state and boots right away without restarting it all the time.
I know that there was an old project that used to make a Titanium Fiddle project:
but that was a looong time ago :slight_smile: Fun project but bandwith/costs stopped it (and Marcel moved on to Laravel)

At first it was just to know if it was available, I like the idea.

But also to try to lower to nearly zero the ressources needed for Emulator on my computer, Android Emulator eat a lot of CPU for me.

Wich Emulator is quick ? Android SDK one ?

yes. It does snapshots:

(the first “test app” is from the previous session, the second app that is starting is from this compile)

Wow, mine takes ages to start and eats most cpu (50% when running any demo using OpenGL), but my computer is not very powerfull.

I’m using a Dell XPS 15 notebook (i7 2,2 Ghz, 16gb ram) from 2018 with just the internal GPU :smile:

This is better than mine ! (8GB RAM), which is old too, but I seriously think of buying a new one soon.

Another reason may be to test on multiples emulators, like 5/6, this will require too much ressources on a single computer I guess but I never tested that.

Thats true. They take up a lot of space and resources.
I have an old Android 8 Samsung device and a Android 12 Pixel 4 where I do my tests. I only test Android 13 in an emulator. Don’t test it on any other device :slight_smile: I have older/other devices here but mainly for historical reasons and I just keep them :rofl:

Keep them, they will be useful in some years for museums :wink: or at least they will grow in prices, I kept my first Nokia 3310 for a while, but lost it :frowning:

(I also got a phone with windows mobile with start menu ! that was horrible to use, lost too)

I finally installed GenyMotion Desktop, for now it seems faster and use less ram, we will see but it looks promising

I can confirm that at least on my computer, Genymotion Desktop Emulator is faster, less greedy, and more reactive than Android SDK provided Emulators.

If anyone give a test on it, please let know if you feel the same effects ?

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still find it too much :slight_smile: There is (was) a deeper integration to genymotion inside the SDK. Not sure if that still works but it should just work as a normal emulator. I know more people used it before the x86 emulators were available from Android. And I think you can even use some Intel stuff on windows to speed up the emulators.

I use it for personal usage for now, so it is still free. I will see when I will sold my 1000th application :wink: