Adding a "Tutorial" or "How to" category?

What do you think of adding such a category ?

I don’t think it’s currently needed as most users don’t write tutorials. And if I write them I’ll put them on my page. Medium, or other platforms are also used to write stuff. Not sure if I want to write them in this forum

This is true for you, but if I want to write my own tutorial ? how could I do it without having my own website or requesting you to put it on your website.

The idea would be to enable people to put small “How to” on differents sublects.

if that makes people write more tutorials/how tos then that would be awesome. They could always do it using medium, or any other platform but there isn’t much work in that space. I would love to see more articles and other people sharing best-practices or how they solved a problem :+1: Every article helps to get more hits on google and be more exposed to the public.

Like you did with this forum: people always ask “if we should create this or that” and you just did it to test it (or keep it if you ask me :smiley: ).
Or with my module search: “we need a way to search for modules again”. Don’t understand why no one just starts building those tools and always waits for someone else to do it. Mine is (and will be) for selected modules because I don’t want to have 10 year old modules in there.